DIY Wednesday: Yarn Wreath

One of the goals i set for myself at the beginning of the summer was to complete a DIY (do it yourself) every week. I have completed a project every week just have failed to post about the fun and exciting craft projects I have completed. So, today I am going to share one that I found on Pintrest called a Yarn Wreath. Supplies: You will need a straw wreath with the plastic still on, one skein of yarn (color your choice), felt for the flowers, and  ribbon to hang your wreath. Once you have collected all your supplies start by knotting your yarn around the straw wreath and wrap the yearn around until the whole wreath is covered. It doesn’t have to look perfect just start wrapping and go over it more then once if you need to.

Wreath Wrapped

Start Wrapping









Now that you have wrapped the wreath in yarn you can now make the felt flowers that go onto the wreath. Start by cutting out “circle” in the felt. Make your edge not straight but with a bubbly looking edge. Once you have done this find a point in your “circle” to start your scissors cut so that you make a spiral with the “circle.”

Bubbly “Circle”

Cut in a spiral









Now that you have your spiral start at the end and work towards the center. You will then need to put a little bit of hot glue on the base of your rolled felt. You will then be able to turn it over and have a flower. They should look like these!

Felt Flowers

Now that you have all the pieces you can make some leaves and put them onto your yarn wreath. This is what my finished product looked like.



As I begin another week the goals I have set for my summer have slowly been met. I have started a blog. I don’t write in it as much as I had planned but it is a start. I have opened my Etsy shop now I just need to add items to my shop once I have taken pictures of the wonderful products I have been completing. I only hope and pray that there is someone out there that would buy a handmade hat. I have completed a few DIY projects just need to write out the blog post and post the pictures for all to see. I am now home for the rest of the summer and I am ready and excited to see where this “business” takes me.