Blogging AWARD: Liebster Award


I was nominated a few weeks ago for the Liebster Award by Britney over at all things Britney Lee and I was/am soooooo excited. I had great intentions of making sure I was able to answer the questions and nominate blogging friends in a timely manner but school got the best of me. I now have a little bit of time to answer the questions and be able to nominate my blogging friends.

Here goes nothing………

  1. what are some of your favorite movies? Currently I am watching Pitch Perfect while I sew and craft. I am a big fan of the movie Old School.
  2. what is one of your favorite quotes? My favorite quote is one that I have repeated again and again since I was in high school and that is “Work like you don’t need the money, Love like you have never been hurt, and Dance like no one is watching!”
  3. if you could learn to do anything, what would it be? I think if I could learn to do one thing it would be to make a good well thought out workout plan. I love to work out but feel silly when I go into the gym alone (without a trainer). If I was able to write my own workouts and actually look like I know what I was doing I would like that!
  4. if you had to change you first name, what would you change it to? Change my first name? Man this is a hard question! I have LOTS of names that I love but it would be hard to replace my name with something else. I currently love the names Everly, Lola, and Presley.
  5. what are three pet peeves of yours? Currently my pet peeves are (1) when students just assume that because one person asked to do something or use something that they are also aloud to do the same (2) I am a tall girl and have been blessed with long legs. When people are walking REALLY slow or they just stop in the middles of the path is a pet peeve of mine (3) Last but not least when people tell me I am too loud or that I talk too much. I love to meet new people and feel that being a talkative person is a positive trait that I have.
  6. what is your favorite joke? When I read this question I laughed to myself a bit! Growing up my dad would tell us this joke and it is one I still tell people to joke around with them. “Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Banana. Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Banana. Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange Who? Orange you glad I didn’t say Banana again.”
  7. what are three of your guilty pleasures? Three guilty pleasures of mine are (1) I am a reality TV junky. I tend to watch any kind of reality TV show on my TV (2) I LOVE coffee. I will stop and get a coffee wherever I am in the morning. I really enjoy trying out new little local coffee shops (3) I really love to go into craft stores. I guess my last guilty pleasure would be I really like to try LOTS of different crafts and I have LOTS of craft supplies.
  8. if you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today? If I knew I was going to die tomorrow I would be sure that today I would surround myself with the people I love, friends and family. I would do all the things I love to do, and eat all my favorite meals.
  9. what is your favorite physical features about yourself. I would say that my favorite physical feature is my eyes. They are a light honey brown color. Depending on the color I am wearing, how I am feeling or the light I am in my eyes will change colors. Many people don’t notice them and some will walk up start talking with me then are caught off guard by my eye color.
  10. why are you so awesome? I think I am awesome because I really love to craft, cook and blog. I am a very outgoing and friendly person. I always see the positive in the situation or in the person. I am awesome because if I have a friend in need I tend to drop everything and help.

I am nominating the following 10 AWESOME bloggers (be sure you check out their sites):

Jenna @applestoziti– She has a great food blog, and she is a good friend of mine! She is raising three cute kids.

Amber @whenisnaptime– I encouraged Amber to start he own blog. She has a great mom blog where she talks about the everyday life of being a mom and crafting with her kiddos.

Megan and Joann @awhimsiclelife– This team used to be teachers and are now stay at home moms. They have a great blog with several ideas for the everyday mom.

Sarah @neroliblossoms- Sarah is a sweet Midwesterner who I connected with through my Book Club Friday posts. She has a great blog where she talks about life in AZ and in WI! She has great fashion posts too!

Rachel @OnaClearNight- Rachel is my cousin that lives with her sweet family in WI. She actually started her blog before I did. She blogs all about her life (baby, gardening, and reading). I love keeping up with my cousin by reading her blog!

Marian @RoadtoLivingWhole– Marian is a good friend of mine and she has a great blog all about food. She is a health coach and posts recipes for people with different food sensitivities.

Tausha @TaushPointO– I signed up to participate in Tausha “Love Dare” group posts. I then later met her at a blogger meet up. She is such a sweet lady and has an awesome blog about life, her family and she has awesome photos.

Ashley @GodAddiction – Ashley has such a heart of gold. She blogs about her struggles within her heart. She is a God lover and blogs a lot about her faith!

Melodee @TheWeatheredPalate– I went to college with Melodee and we had a class together. We both participated in Christian ministries on our college campus. She has a BEAUTIFUL family and an eye for design. She has an AWESOME blog where she posts craft projects and recipes along with gorgeous photos.

Shannon @MasteringtheartofBeingMe– I met Shannon at a local blogging event recently. She is a fellow crafter. Shannon has a heard of gold and I am so excited to see where this connection will take both of our businesses and blogs.

Ten Question:

  • What was the best meal you prepared for dinner this week?
  • What are three of your favorite foods/foods that you eat on a regular basis?
  • What is your favorite quote/bible verse?
  • What is your favorite physical feature about yourself?
  • What’s your all time favorite book?
  • Who are three bloggers that you follow?
  • What brand(s) of make-up do you wear?
  • What celebrity do you follow/respect?
  • Who are you trying to reach writing your blog?
  • Why should someone read your blog? What should they expect to read about?

the rules

1. link back to the person who tagged you.

2. answer the ten questions above.

3. nominate ten other bloggers (all bloggers must have less than 200 followers).

4. create ten questions of your own.

5. notify the bloggers you have nominated.


ENJOY~ Can’t wait to read your answers to the questions!


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