Day Twenty-Three: Phoenix Restaurants

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Day 23: A guide to your city! Share some of the hot-spots and hidden gems of where you live.

I love my city! I thought instead of sharing maybe hidden gem places I would share about my top favorite restaurants (in honor of restaurant week) in the Valley of the Sun. Check out the list of places to go this week for a great deal on your food in Phoenix!



1) Culinary Dropout- I went to this restaurant for the first time about two years ago. They have an awesome laid back eclectic atmosphere. I love going there and ordering the cheese fondue with pretzel bites, it is one of my favorites. They have GREAT food and if you are ever in the Phoenix area I would highly recommend this place to eat!grocery-new-home

2) La Grande Orange– I love this restaurant they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have taken Sister 4 there several times. We like to get a sandwich and salad then share. There is a small shop attached. They also have a large selection of bakery items and a coffee bar. I really have never had anything I have not liked from this place. If you are looking for a more natural lunch I would highly recommend checking out La Grande Orange.



3) The Original Chop Shop– So the story behind this restaurant is that I was out and about in downtown Chandler, AZ and I remember seeing several people that I follow on Instagram posting picture of this place and getting really excited for the new location. Come to find out the new location is in Chandler. I was so excited to have found it randomly I had it for lunch twice that week. I LOVE their bowls. They use very fresh and healthy ingredients in all their meals. I also discovered that they make seasonal flavored lemonade that is to die for. They currently have two locations and I would highly suggest if you’re in the area of either try it out! It is WONDERFUL FOOD!


4) Postino- If you are a wine drinker this is the place for YOU! I went there for a going away party for the first time. I was told to order a good quality wine, which they carry, MANY wines. I was also informed that their food was also good. Especially their bruschetta. So I HAD to try it out. You get to pick a mix of different bruschetta’s to try. They are all amazing and I would have never thought to put the flavors together that they did. If you are looking for a nice relaxing place to enjoy a glass of wine and some tapas I would HIGHLY suggest Postino’s.


5) Joe’s Farm Grill- Last but certainly not least is JOE’S. I LOVE this restaurant. I started a tradition about 2 years ago that every year for my birthday I go here for lunch. I love that half of the seating for the restaurant is outside. Being that my birthday is in the spring the weather is staring to become nice. If you visit Joe’s restaurant on your birthday they will take 10 dollars off of your meal total. They have a farm near-by where they obtain much of their food that they put in the meals. It is a great place to take the family and enjoy the picnic like atmosphere.


Love and Peace


3 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Three: Phoenix Restaurants

  1. Love this! I lived in Phoenix for six years and seriously, the food scene is so much better than most people expect! I never made it to Chop Shop and I haven’t heard of Joe’s but I’ll keep them in mind for my trip this winter, because those other three are definitely fantastic (and now I’m craving those pretzel bites…)

  2. I have never tried Culinary Dropout but I really want to! The other 3 are my top favorites ever in the entire valley, especially since they cater to those with food sensitivities or alternative diets.

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