Day Thirteen: Mr. Right

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Day 13: Your current relationship status. If dating/married, give us a glimpse of your story! If single, share about this special season.


I am currently happily engaged! I am going to give you a bit of the history and how we met. I was previously married for 1 year to a man I thought I was going to do life with. After some events in my life he decided to divorce me. I look back now and think what a blessing that divorce was. While going through my divorce I went and saw a counselor. While I was at the counselors I decided to write a list of everything I wanted in a man. I was dating off and on for about four years before I met Mr. Right. I decided that I would run the PF Chang’s half marathon and while I was practicing on Saturday mornings this AWESOME farmers market right by my parents house had opened up and I so badly wanted to shop there but by the time I was done running they were closing up. After finishing the half-marathon I decided I would get up early and go to the market it was a great time. Meanwhile at school I had befriended another teacher that had recently gone through a divorce also. After talking with her we put two and two together that her now fiancé is selling grass fed beef at the farmers market by my parents house. They were looking for someone to help sell beef once in a while so I offered to help. I LOVED going to the market on Saturday mornings and talking/selling to the locals. My birthday was coming up and I was putting together my own get together with some friends at a local brewery. I decided to invite the guy that ran the head table thinking that he and Mr. Right were either roommates or good friends I just invited one when Mr. Right came over to the grass fed beef tent and asked why I had not invited him. I then invited him and his friend! They came to my get together and ever since then we would either do date night dinner or hang out at his house. After meeting and dating Mr. Right I realized pretty quickly that he was everything that I wanted in a partner/husband for life. After a year of dating we decided to move in together and after three years of dating the timing was right that we would get engaged. The plan is that we will get married this year in a small ceremony and have a larger reception/open house with friends. He is my everything I can’t imagine doing life without him!



Dear Mr. Right,

Thank You for coming into my life. I LOVE spending my Sundays watching football with you. Seeing you with our sweet nephew makes my heart happy. I can’t wait for the day that you become a father to your own child. You are such a kind, loving and companionate man. I love that even though I tell you nothing is wrong when I am upset you know me so well that you continue to ask because you are able to read me so well. Thank you for always thinking of our future. You are the love of my life and I can’t wait to DO LIFE with you!

Your Other Half

Love and Peace


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