Day Fourteen: When and Why Blogging

Brave Love Blog


Day 14: When did you start blogging and why?

Why did I start blogging? I was just getting into pinterest and had found several blogs in which I loved, read and followed on a regular basis. I figured that by starting a blog that I could show off all my crafting ideas along with everything new and exciting I was cooking. When I started my blog I was also teaching and was unable to find the balance between my blog and my everyday job. I found it hard to post on my blog on a regular basis. I love to teach but would like to one day earn some money and blog about my children. I am slowly making that happen. This year I decided to have a mentor that is a successful blogger. I have learned so much with my blog and also with my handmade business from my mentor. I have figured out how to schedule by blog along with working so that one doesn’t take the front seat over the other. I really love all the jobs that I do. I have BIG DREAMS for this blog!

Love and Peace


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