Day Six: Currently……

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Can you believe it is already day 6! I know I have not completed everyday but I am so excited to be posting on the day that it is “due” and not having to back track on too many of my posts.

Day 6: A “currently…” post. Tell us what you’re loving, hating, reading, eating, etc.

…..reading “If I stay” by Gayle Forman. I plan to finish the book today. I planned to read the brook before going to see the movie!

…..watching I most recently have been watching whatever I can find on my TV. I was watching Bachelor in Paradise but have been working out when it is on. I have also been watching Married at First Sight! This show is amazing and writing this reminds me that I did not watch last weeks episode.

….trying to juggle all the ball I have in the air. I LOVE having a space to write what is happening in my everyday life. I have also been promoting DoTerra and Pampered Chef along with teaching and starting up/keeping my handmade business going.

……eating a slice of pumpkin loaf from Starbucks. I LOVE fall and can’t wait for the weather to agree that it should be fall time NOW!

….pinning anything fall related. I LOVE anything pumpkin so I have been pinning lots of pumpkin recipes so I can do an EVERYTHING pumpkin post!

……tweeting nothing yet. I just started up my twitter account and am still trying to figure it out!

……going to be attending my second blogger event today. I am so excited to meet other woman that live close to me and also LOVE the same thing I am  doing.

……loving EVERYTHING FALL. I love the season of Fall. The sights, smells, and everything to eat. Cant wait for the weather to change here in Arizona.

……discovering how much I love trying new things on my blogging space.

……enjoying an iced coffee with pumpkin spice while I write in a full Starbucks.

…thinking about how I have to go grocery shopping, get gas for my car and get ready for my blogging meet up.

……feeling antsy as the coffee is running though my body. I am also feeling thankful for getting to share my love of oils with a long time friend and her sister today.

….listening to the hustle of the Starbucks I am sitting in. One lady sitting near me is talking to the person she is with about a post with awkward engagement photos. She then proceeds to laugh uncontrollably with a sweet contagious laugh. She is full of life.

……thanking God for allowing me to be healthy as I read about a young girl that has relapsed with brain cancer for the third time at the age of about 10. I would just ask that you say a prayer for Kate that the doctors are able to help her be comfortable and kick cancers butt again.

……starting to think I really like this writing prompt and I may just have to make it a monthly post here on my blogging space.

Love and Peace!


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