One Word, One Prayer #18


This weekend at the church I have been attending they had friend Sunday. The public figure they had invited out was Sean Lowe from the show The Bachelor. Growing up in a family of girls we would always watch The Bachelor. I knew Sean and I watched both the seasons he was on. I had forgotten that his father was a pastor so I figured I was going to go to church and hear Sean share his testimony instead he was asked several questions. One thing he said caught my attention not because it was new but because it was a great reminder. He stated that “Love is a verb, it is an action.” Sometimes I think that my words show the people around me that I love them but it was a great reminder that what I DO is how I show the people around me that I love/care about them. When I took the love languages quiz mine was physical touch but my fiancee was acts of service. He is really big on me showing him through specific actions that I love him. So this week I want to be intentional about DOING LOVE! I want it to become an action verb for me. So this week my word is LOVE!

How will you show someone LOVE this week though your actions? (Friends, boyfriend, husband, coworkers, anyone)


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