One Word, One Prayer #9

This week as I get back into the school/work routine I have found that I am SUPER tired. I had planned for my word this week to be relationships but as I sit here and write this post I am being lead to focus on another word for the week. Today when I began to feel run down the word ALIVE came to mind. This then leads me to think man am I thankful I am alive everyday that has been gifted to me. While I sat quietly thinking about the word alive a story of an event that happened this weekend pops into my mind. In order to understand the full story I will have to start with last Wednesday. As you may know it is now the season of Lent in the Lutheran church. I was raised in a family that we would attend Wednesday night Lenten services and enjoy soup and fellowship before church. When I walked into church last Wednesday I saw a wall with very pretty brightly colored cards. So I walked over and read what the instructions said to do. It stated that you were to write down a prayer request you may have and then take one for you to pray for over the course of the week.  I have had a thought on my heart for a while so I decided to let it go and give it to someone else to pray about and think over for the upcoming week. As I left my prayer I took a different one to pray about for the week When I read the back of the card I thought well we all have been praying for this family. The family that I have been praying for this week has a son that is close to my age. The family suddenly lost the husband and father of the family within that last few weeks. So I have been praying and thinking about this family as I go to bed at night. On Sunday after church I decided to go to a local coffee shop and pick up a coffee where I ran into the wife and mother of the family that I have been praying for. When I saw her all I could think was give her a hug and let he know that God has bigger plans. I know currently it is so hard for her and her family to comprehend the loss of their family but I just felt like I was placed there to encourage her to stay ALIVE! So this week as I pray for the loss of this family I will also be thinging and praying over the word alive. I pray that she can find peace and comfort in the Lord and knowing that she needs to continue to live for her children.


Love and Peace


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