Book #1 (Goal 50)

IMG_0151I made a goal for 2014 to read 50 books. I cheated a bit and started this book before the first of the year. I was just SOOOOO excited to read it. I finished this book in no time and found that I was looking forward to the time I spent in Uganda nightly. Ever since I started doing mission work when I was a young girl I have had a dream to travel and serve in Africa. I think the country has such great poverty but so rich in values and traditions. As I was reading this book I just kept thinking how can I help. I have decided that I would like to sponsor a child through the nonprofit ministry this young lady Katie has set up (Amazima.) One of the other reasons this book pulled so greatly on my heart strings is that she is close to my age. I cant imagine living in another country not knowing the language and taking children under your wing. She is doing GOD’s work in such a poor country. She is trying to get the children to attend school with good Christian values, clean clothes, and food.

I would highly recommend this book to any woman that has a heart for service. This will be a book that I keep in my library and lend out to those that I think will be moved or enjoy the book.

As I was finishing this book I was moved by the Holy Spirit to start my “One Word, One Week” posts. I felt that eve though we make up a small portion of this big thing we call Earth that one voice could start the change and the change can be so profound that we can help and serve many.

If you do read this book please comment back what you thought and how you felt after reading it.

Peace and Love


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